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2011-08-04 00:12:13 by ChrisXBlade99

With school around the corner I will not be on much. School is more important, so I want to be prepared for it. So I will not be back on till about Thanksgiving.(not on the day though) Anyway not a lot of news. No new projects, but all will be put on hold till further notice. Well that's all I hope I didn't make anyone mad.



2011-07-29 18:53:13 by ChrisXBlade99

So far Dark Sonc Unleashed is begin made. It'll be a while before it's made though. So to keep myself, and you people entertained I am making a sprite tournament. I have only 4 charcters lined up for the fights, so I want you people to pick some charcters, and who fights. If I like the suggestions, or more people want it then I will make it. The characters I have are
Zero Megaman X5 version
Link Legend of Zelda
Goku DBZ
Shadow the Hedgehog
I will not say who's fighting who though. Anyway this isn't just a normal fight. I'm not picking any stage I want I am having the stages randomly pick. These stages are unique in every way an example the 8 bit stage whicg causes the charcters to go back to 8-bit sprites. The sprite tournament will hope full have a roster released sooon.


2011-07-25 16:33:52 by ChrisXBlade99

I am redoing DSU to make it better. I have a partner working with me, and we both want voice actors for the movie. If you know where to get some and a people that are intrested please let me know.

Yes, finally I am uploading the movie right now. I work extremly hard on this. Thank you every one for beging patient.

DSU on hold

2011-07-14 21:28:19 by ChrisXBlade99

Yeah, I know it sucks, but a recent crash broke my jump drive that I had it on, and now I have to get it fixed so i try to get it up in a day or 2

Taking Sprite Requests

2011-07-14 08:57:16 by ChrisXBlade99

Idc if it's a movie, fight, or just some random crap (I draw the line at some things you pervs -_-) if I like it I'll make it I am only making 3 so hurry.

The movie should be done in about 2 days at least 9 at most. 9 due to my laziness. 2 due to nothing to do. Currently the movie is 97.3 seconds long with 1650 frames. That's because I don't use 24 frames per second because it's too fast for me so I use 16-18 frames per second which makes its longer. Any way I may add a mini game for the people who have crappy pc so while you wait for it to load you can play a game. Next Chaos War has been put on HOLD. For both summer, and other reason. I'll start work on probably 9/12/11. Next I'd like to give a shout out to Handlir, DBZDude, and other novis sprites like me. To DBZDude and Handlir. Thanks for the music. To the novis sprites good luck my friends :). That's all for now later >:)

Chris Blade.

Why everything is deleted

2011-07-04 15:20:48 by ChrisXBlade99

Ok, as some people may have noticed I have deleted everything I have have posted. The reason is because I am redoing everything! Some projects will be dropped, yes, but everything is for the better